Peer Groups For CEOs & Business Owners

Confidential peer advisory groups for high-integrity leaders who want to take their businesses to greater heights.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Coaching


CEO Peer Group

Monthly confidential meetings with 12+ high-caliber, noncompetitive business executives who will challenge assumptions and find out what is limiting your success.

Vistage Chairs

Your Vistage Chair, who facilitates your group meetings, will also meet with you during monthly one-to-ones to hold you accountable for meeting your goals.

World-Class Speakers

During group meetings and exclusive events, high-caliber speakers share their expertise and innovative approaches on today’s most relevant topics. 

High-Caliber Insights

As a Vistage member, you gain exclusive access to an online network of peers for feedback. You’re also supported by in-person business summits and conferences.

Vistage Membership Benefits

Features Vistage Membership Traditional Coaching
A confidential, exclusive group of 12-16 other CEOs
All CEOs in your group are from non-competing industries
Process issues in group sessions led by a highly-trained CEO coach
Receive one-to-one coaching from an accomplished business leader
Learn from world-class speakers at group meetings and events
A proven model for coaching used since 1957 for better outcomes

Watch How Our CEO Members Leverage Vistage

Vistage by the Numbers

Vistage has been the leader in executive coaching since 1957.
A global network of business leaders offers broader, more diverse perspectives.
As the world’s largest peer group provider our growing membership is attributed to one factor: results.
In 2020, member companies grew revenue at 4.6%. Non members saw a decrease of 4.7%.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vistage membership?

As a Vistage member, you’re part of a group of other CEOs, business owners or key executives who are committed to helping each other make better decisions, get better results and become better leaders. A Vistage peer advisory group is made up of 12-16 other CEOs or local business owners and an executive mentor (Vistage Chair) who facilitates. It’s like having a confidential, private advisory board to troubleshoot problems, vet ideas and identify blind spots.

Most Vistage members say that the group is the best part of their membership.

How does Vistage work?

Vistage members set aside one day each month to meet with their peer advisory group and work on the big-picture vision for their business and address issues that may be holding them back. That means they make time to tackle strategic plans, as well as challenges and opportunities. During the meeting, they help each other vet ideas, troubleshoot strategies and find solutions together. Meetings are facilitated by an executive mentor (Vistage Chair) who uses a proprietary method for keeping the conversations focused and productive.

Are Vistage groups local?

Your Vistage group will be in your local area. Your fellow group members will also be local owners of non-competing small and midsize businesses. Most group meetings take place locally and in-person.

Is Vistage good for networking?

Vistage is much more than networking. It’s solving problems with a group of your peers in real-time. As a Vistage member, you also have access to Vistage Networks— a 24/7 online forum that helps you leverage the expertise of CEOs, business owners and executives around the world who share the same industry, affiliation, or area of interest. Members can connect online for feedback and critical advice, or meet in person at events featuring dynamic thought leaders.

Is Vistage worth it?

Our members think that Vistage is worth it. Vistage has helped 100,000+ CEOs and top executives around the world since 1957. Today we serve 45,000 members. Most members stay for more than five years and statistics have shown that they grow their businesses faster than non-members with comparable sized companies.

What's next?

Fill out the application on this page to see if you qualify. If so, a Regional Consultant will be in touch to answer any questions, inform you of introductory events in your area, and share exclusive content with you. You will also be matched with the right Vistage Chair (executive mentor) and peer group in your area.